Journal entry 2

I just saw the love of my life once again today, She was amazing and with every kiss i feel as if she took my breath away. I cannot wait any longer to get married to her. I do not care how many people get in our way i will continue to fight for our love. I was almost caught talking to her however I would greatly go to jail just for her. Her lips were the best thing I have ever had. I cant wait to see her again just to be able to see her eyes glow like the midnight stars.

Romeo and Juliet Comparison

There are very big differences between the kill Shakespeare comic book and the twenty thirteen Romeo and Juliet movie with Leonardo DiCaprio as Romeo. Which says to me and many others that over time Romeo and Juliet has been altered and changed to one persons desired eye.

First of all in the comic book Romeo is in an orchard just like in the play however in the twenty thirteen movie the scene is set in a pool setting which is totally different from the play. Secondly in the comic book Romeo and Juliet stick to the lines from the play, and in the twenty thirteen movie they skip a ton of lines and sayings. In the twenty thirteen version they also add lines and sayings. As an example in II.II lines 90-105 by Juliet are totally skipped in the movie however they are exact in the comic book. That is just one of many examples.

Thirdly the scene is called the balcony scene for a reason because in that scene romeo and Juliet kiss on the balcony, however in the twenty thirteen movie they have the scene in a pool which has no relevance to the play whats so ever. In the play and comic book Romeo goes up to Juliet by climbing a tree however in the twenty thirteen movie Juliet comes down to him by using an elevator. Isn’t true that the play was made before elevators existed?

Lastly the comic book is funny and exact to the play while the twenty thirteen movie is way off. Yeah movies are cool and more fun to watch but for education purposes I would rather read a comic book that is exact then watch a movie that is way off.


News Report

Capulet Enemy Caught Stealing Kiss
Capulet’s enemy Romeo kissed Juliet the Capulet’s daughter.
Ron St.Jean
On Tuesday, March 21, a masked man was allegedly seen kissing Juliet Capulet at the annual Capulet feast in Verona.
On Tuesday a hot-headed person named Tybalt as the first person to figure out who the masked figure was saying, “By his voice, [he] should be a Montague. Fetch[ed] me my rapier, boy. Now, by the stock and honour of my kin, To strike him dead i hold it not a sin.”I.v lines 61-67.
However Father Capulet did say, “Young Romeo he [was] What, Goodman boy? i sa[id] he shall. Go to. Am i the master here or you? Go to. You’ll not endure him!”afterwards saying, “God shall mend my soul.” I.V lines 87-89
The masked man was said to be Romeo. No one knows why Romeo was there or what business he had there however he was at the Capulet’s party and he was the alleged man to kiss Juliet.
Nobody knows if Romeo and Juliet did or didn’t kiss furthermore there was said to be other masked men at the party.Romeo didn’t say anything as he left the party supposedly.


A.) I consider my strengths to be how an imaginative writer i am. I feel i need to improve on my grammar and sentence structure a lot.

B.) I do not really have an approach to proofreading my work but i usually have others read and edit my work for me.

C.)Not using first person pronouns such as we or us is a very hard suggestion to implement only because i always speak in general terms using us and we.

D.)To ensure that i am submitting the most polished piece possible for evaluation, i will revise my work twice and take my time with it. I will not rush the work but take my time with it, making it better.


Shakespeare Comparison

The 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet that we watched is way better than the 2013 version for learning in the classroom through a movie because, it is more accurate towards the play, rehearsed, and better in every way over the 2013 version.

How the actors talk in the 1968 version is line by line exact relating to the play however in the 2013 version the actors skip lines or say totally different lines, as in I.I, in the 2013 movie they are having this jousting game which has nothing to do with the play. In the 1968 version the actors do recite the lines exactly and act accordingly to the play.

Is the 1968 version.^^^^^.

Is the 2013 version.

Do you see the difference? the 1968 version relates to the play way more than the 2013 version making the 1968 version so much better for learning. Those are just the first clips of the movies, the 2013 version speaks more modern language which would relate nothing to learning about romeo and Juliet. The 1968 version speaks to the plays lines making it so much more better to learn about romeo and Juliet in a movie format.

The scenes in the 2013 are off in I.V where Romeo and Juliet kiss, they only recite a few lines of many, while at the same time they only kiss once, furthermore Juliet has a mask on.

During this scene in the 1968 version Romeo and Juliet both recite word for word from the play exactly. Lines 104-122 they recite.

However in the 2013 version Romeo only says lines 104,105,117. Even though there is little said about the characters and everything else, the lines they say prove enough evidence towards why a class should watch the 1968 version for learning more than the 2013 version.


True love is when two people love each other unconditionally, its when two people will do anything for one another not for being together but to show how much they care about one another. True love is when two people have true, real feelings for one another. Its when they both truly want to be, see, and care for each other. As in lines 10-13 from ‘the power of love’ by Huey Lewis and the News, those lines are, ‘ That you dont need money, dont take fame, dont need no credit card to ride this train, its strong and its sudden and its cruel sometimes.’ To me those lines sat that you dont need money or fame or materials to love one another. it also says to me that even though you may get in fights with each other and get angry at each other, at the end of the day you both still love each other throughout all the arguments and pain. In romeo and Juliet Act I, Romeo talks about his love for a girl. Romeo says,

Here’s much to do with hate, but more with love.
Feather of lead, bright smoke, cold fire, sick health,
A choking gall and a preserving sweet.
(I.I 180,185,201)

The way he words those lines it sounds to me like he will do anything, get rid of everything for her which shows how true his love for this woman is.

Love at first I do not believe in only because to me you cant look at someone and say i love you. Personally i say you need to get to know them before you can understand and love them. No where in either songs does it remotely or nearly say when i first saw you i knew that you were the one.Which shows to me that even the artists dont believe in love at first sight.In Act I, Romeo says

She hath, and in that sparing [makes] huge waste;
For beauty, starved with her severity
Cuts beauty off from all posterity.
She is too fair, too wise, wisely too fair.
(I.I. 226-229.)

With those words he says to me that he cares about giving her beauty longevity but she is wise and doesn’t want to her beauty to continue thus being fair. Romeo didn’t fall in love with ‘her’ at first sight, he fall in love with her beauty and the theory of trying to make her beauty last forever

I personally say that the power of love by Hugh Lewis and the news is better then the Celine Deon one only because with the Celine Deon one she is only talking about physical properties and doesn’t at all explain how love is mostly about the feelings, knowing that you should care for one another and not just what each other looks like. With Hugh Lewis his song explains that love comes from the heart not the body.

journal post 1

I only wish to be with the love of my life and only her but i fear there are others who wish the same as me. I only want it to be her and me on the beach or in the castle without any influence by others. I would sacrifice my life to be with her but at last I cant. I am very influenced by beauty in which she has the most of but I don’t have the same beauty has her. At last I cant be with her but I am going to find her and make sure she understands my great feelings towards her.

Robots or Kids?


word wall english classroom
[4] Word wall for uses of technology

Is the integration of technology in the classroom a good thing? Is it better than a classroom with minimal technology? Introducing technology into the classroom can be a good thing, but it can also be bad. Technology costs a lot of money and is always improving. [1] The costs for 900 ipad minis right now is 283743.1$ dollars that is being taken away from sports, books and a bunch of other things for students!

How often do you see a kid not texting on their phone, ipad or laptop? Because I never see my peers using their technology as a learning device in the classroom setting, I see them using it for their social networking. The only time I ever see a student use technology for work is when they’re told to by a teacher! Even in my English class when we are assigned a task all I see people do is put memes and random stuff on the assigned task!

[5]students on cell phones in class
[5]Students on cell phones in class.
     Although technology is always improving it wont always work. New viruses and malfunctions are always happening! When a new virus comes out Steve jobs creates a better ipad costing the schools even more money! Technology will not work if there is no power, so whenever there is a storm that knocks out the power lines the plans and assignments for teachers at schools are held back!The HWDSB [6] says in general that there will be more 1 on 1 with students and teachers. They also say that teachers will have enhanced learning on the students.What is your point of view on this? In my opinion a teacher cant have 1 on 1 interactions with a classroom of 30 students everyday. The teacher will barley be able to get through 5 or 6 students a day.

However bad technology may seem money wise it doesn’t compare to how fast you can access facts and obtain knowledge. Also when I did a type speed test and a written speed test I got twice as many words typed then I did by hand. My friends did the tests as well and they got the same results as me. Even with technology being distracting and not always working it does, however, make communication between student and teacher a lot easier! Being able to communicate with teachers outside of school will and already has greatly [2]improved students marks. [3]Students develop workplace and critical thinking habits from using technology in the classroom. Teachers may not be able to get through all of there students everyday but if the student can access technology outside of school they can get in contact with there teacher solving that issue. However on the other side students may not always be able to get a hold of technology.


Although using technology will make teaching and learning a lot faster, the fear of losing sports and clubs for ipads that may not work makes me, and most likely other students not want ipads. So yes, it is better for leaning, but for the students, sports and recreational activities, no.  Also who is thinking of the kids view or opinion on integrating technology?


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True Feelings

Quotes are sayings that help people through hard times, EX: [3]’Everything happens for a reason’. What is your favourite quote or poem that has helped you through a hard time(s)?

what is right not what is easy‘what is right’

Poetry and quotes let out the true feelings or emotions of a human. It lets a person put hidden messages in creative writing. Poetry is a type of writing that is very unique. A person is able to look at a poem in many different views. In a poem there are many different meanings and each meaning means something different to each person. A picture says one thousand words but how many words does a picture with words say? Having each poem and quote leave questions to be answered by other people. The quote [1] “To accomplish great things we must dream as well as act.” says many things. for one it says that even though a person may have everything that person still has dreams that he or she needs to act upon to accomplish.

Opposing Opinion

A quote is quote and only has one meaning which everyone gets and understands just from reading it. Poems are just a way for a person to write down one emotion that he or she is to shy and embarrassed to talk about.They are just writing down words that rhyme that have no relevance to that persons life. The people who write quotes and poems just want to get noticed because there self esteem is low and they have confidence in themselves. There poetry and quotes meanings are the same as them just writing down and emotion.

Counter Opposing Opinion

A poet is an artist who has an extreme amount of confidence and self esteem. They have an extreme amount of confidence and self esteem because they have the courage to write down their emotions and let others see and judge it without any remorse. Poets are not embarrassed or shy to talk about their feelings. They just prefer to talk about it in a different way than others. A quote or poem has everything to do with the creators life because if it didn’t why would they write it down? The quote to accomplish great things also means to me that great things don’t just randomly happen. It takes a lot of time and planning to accomplish great things. Yes a quote or poem has a broad term/meaning and it is true that writing a poem is just like writing down an emotion. But that still doesn’t mean that quotes and poems help people through hard maybe some of the hardest times of their life. Have ever even written a poem or quote? If you write a quote or poem you will understand poetry and quotes a lot better. The first step to understanding something or someone better is to first either do it or [2] “walk a day in there shoes.” Depending on the situation of course. The second step is not only looking at the situation from your own point of view but also looking at it from your friends or from a teachers or maybe even a parents point of view. Once you learn those two steps the rest will com easy. But before all of that you must write a poem or quote on a hidden feeling of yours.

The main emotion or subconscious reason of emotions is irrelevant to the true feelings of people and their motives. If you like quotes go to  [5] BrainyQuote

[1]Anatole, France. Dreams.#2498 motivation quotations. [2]unknown [3]unknown

picture 1-Right not date. [5]
Yes i know my some of my sites are unknown only because i can’t find the creator of them. Also i cant put a picture into this post today.