Good Never Comes

Good Never Comes

Raine didn’t know what to do, everywhere she looked appeared to be the same as the last. Friday after school Luna came up to Raine and asked her, “can you get us some shrooms for tonight?”

Raine responded with, “Yeah hopefully, as long as I get paid when I get home today.” She paused, “who will be there tonight?”

Luna answered with, “I think Jessie, Winnie, and Nemo are all coming tonight.”

Luna picked up Raine after school in her blue minivan with the small crack in the bottom corner of the window.  Raine put all of her stuff in the car. When she got in the car Luna questions her asking, “are we going swimming tonight in that one lake? You know the one in the forest?”

Raine exclaiming, ” Yes, yes and don’t worry I got shrooms for tonight as well.”

She smiled at Luna as she pressed on the gas and drove to the house. Everyone was already there when they entered and Raine scaled up a gram or two of shrooms for each person, handing them over to each of the recipients. Winnie took them shakily, “It’s my first time doing shrooms.” She paused, staring  at the mushrooms in her hand, “and Jessie doesn’t want any.”

Raine said, “Thats okay, as long as you think happy thoughts you will be okay.” She didn’t know for sure, seeing as this was the first time she herself was doing them too. She tried to sound confident, but deep down she was a little worried herself, “and Jessie, don’t worry, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

Raine put the small bag on the table in front of her, gazing at the mickey of alcohol and the copious quantities of different beers. This was a lot for five people, she thought, putting the remainder of shrooms on the table.

sides Jessie ate the shrooms, chewing them multiple times. Some complained of the taste, but after a few moments they all swallowed, except for Jesse who was happy with her beer. Nemo said, “everyone keep your trip to yourself!”

Raine and Luna respond in unison, “yeah, we know!”

Afterwards Luna suggests that the group head into the forest. Swimming on shrooms seemed like a fun idea, and everyone got up and walked towards the door. Raine stopped them, grabbing her backpack and putting some of the beer inside, “lets go!” She said, following the group outside. They started on their way towards the lake. On their way there the group went down some hills and Raine could swear that she was seeing something following the group. The dark figure seemed to lurk in the trees, hiding just out of view of the group. Raine brought this up a few times to the group, but just as a fleeting thing. It must be the shrooms, or at least that was what everyone said. However Raine did notice a particular glare in Jessie’s right eye.

The group finally managed to make their way to the Lake. Luna and Raine pulled their swimsuits on and notice that the moon was mesmerizing. Everything seemed brighter, shinier, more perfect. A perfect world, Raine thought. Perfect in everyway…except for that prickling in the back of her neck. Something was watching her, but it was just the shrooms, right? Raine suddenly saw something move in the water like a shadow. She exclaimed, “Good will never come if we go in that water, Luna!”

Luna responded with, “ It’s just the shrooms, Raine, stop being a baby.” She pointed towards the water, “see, nothing is there.”

The water was cold on Luna and Raine’s feet as they steped into the water. Raine thought, why am I doing this, no good will come from this.

On the way back the group started to climb up the same hills, while Winnie and Nemo talked about all the pretty colours they saw, but all Raine saw was darkness and despair. The shadow kept following her, watching her from the tree-line.

When the group got to the top of the hill they began to walk down the path, Raine saw the shadow following her and she began to freak out saying to herself goods never comes, goods never comes while Jessie looked at her with a look of surprise. Nemo and Winnie look at each other and whisper a few things suddenly running up to Raine and scaring her, Raine fell on her butt having Luna help her back up. Raine yells, “why would you do that?  Don’t you see we have to get home, something is following us!”

Luna yelled back, ” no there is isn’t, and can you lower your voice, someone will hear you.”

Raine started running, turning and running more only to find herself face to face with the shadow screaming as the shadow leaps backwards gnarling at her growling, “soon.” Only to find the group catching up to her a few moments later asking her if she is okay. Raine tried to explain everything, but the group kept on saying that it was just the shrooms.

The group was quiet until they got home and then Raine said as the grouped walked inside, “Finally we are home and I can go to sleep and get this over with! I’m done for the night this is too scary for me.” She locks every window and door in the whole house and tells everyone that is she is going to bed. No one says anything to her while she does this but everyone is thinking she is crazy and needs to take a nap except for Jessie she thinks Raine what a weird girl.

The group talk for a bit while Raine goes to sleep afterwards the group headed to bed. Raine wakes up in the morning to a knock on the bedroom door opening it only to find Jessie covered in blood and wide-eyed. Raine frantically asks, “What happened?” Jessie studdering as she points behind Raine, “Good never came.” Raine looks behind herself scared only to see the shadow leap at them, Jessie screaming, “I saw it the whole time I just didn’t want to say anything!”


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