hardship is a flying word it has meaning to a tropical bird or a nerd it just depends on how it concurredOccurred,  or its referred to. It just depends on your angle of view, an analytical or literary review, the difference can be from a stew to a baby shoe you may have a crew or your a lone soldier adieu. Either way it doesn’t matter where you come from we all succumb to one rule of thumb. Through hard ‘ship we learn in our memory chip not to strip or unzip but to equip our self’s with facts created by mental acts not myths constructed by brain riffs. When your in a struggle don’t stumble but walk straight that-way no one can hate but instead appreciate how you had to initiate through it all, you always stood tall you never let go of that ball. Through all of the hardship you had to endure you always made sure that your always being secure even though your impure but you realized that your life is constantly on tour.  *brief breath*  Everything goes through at least one struggle even a bumble’ bee as you see so don’t worry but be humble and think how did that doctor get his degree, he had to back stab and lie and blab but in the end he always put his best effort to try and pry open his dreams even though right now it seems impossible for you don’t give up and soon a break though will happen its not like one hand clappin‘ you got both in motion and wrapping making a sound clapping you just unbound yourself everything’s coming round now  you just gotta allow it to help you out of that deep deep pit you put yourself into now your coming through like you always knew you would and you always could to. Here is my video i will post a good version.

skip to 5:20 to hear the rap.

4 thoughts on “Hardship”

  1. OMG OMG OMGGG This is so funny! Omg…I’m done…I was skipping through the intro…and I see u coughing, saying “I don’t know” like a million times and I still don’t see where the rap starts….lawllll

    1. XD i just put in where the rap starts after i mess once it starts at 5:20 XD i probably should have put that in before but i was lazy sorry :(. XD did you like the rap though? lawl

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