This is a short dream I had and its very weird I really want to know what it means. I had it a while back but I never got writing it down.
Okay so it all starts with me in line at school with a bunch of my friends and we are all dressed up like we’re getting are pictures done, i’m at the back of the line. On my right there is a wall however on my left there are a few strange things like a wooden table with a camera and a person holding the camera on top of the table and my minny mouse headphones on the other side of the table. One of my friends goes up on top of the table and the camera man asks him if hes ready, he says yes and he gets his picture taken after putting on the headphones for no reason. The next person goes up and does the same thing they put on the headphones and get there picture taken.

2015. Web. 4 June 2015.[1] table http://www.instructables.com/file/FCAOR1LHAH02KREn

Finally its my turn and I walk up to the table but I don’t stand on top of it like all the others. The camera man tells me to get the headphones and I ask why but he doesn’t respond. I look to my right and all the people who got their picture taken are in picture frames on the wall all looking at me creepily. I turn back to the camera man and he says if i’m okay and if i’m ready, I say no and he grins saying your wrong. Afterwards the headphones appear magically on my head and that is when the dream ended.
What do you think this dream means?

[1]2015. Web. 4 June 2015.[1] table  http://www.instructables.com/file/FCAOR1LHAH02KRE

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