blogger of the week reflection

I commented twice to each of this blog post- , , I found them interesting in different ways. In my opinion I contributed a level 2 to the discussions in each of these blogs.

The importance for sleep blog by Emily I found really interesting because it made me think about how much sleep do i actually get. It also made me think about mental disorders and how they can affect sleeping patterns. The blog taught me that because of my ADHD medication I can have insomnia which is true i guess because sometimes i can’t get to sleep at all. The post helped me understand why sleeping is very important. Good job Emily!screenshot 2

Organic farming was a really neat blogger of the week topic and i found it very fascinating because I am a vegetarian and i do look at organic food compared to non organic food. It appealed to me because i always thought that organic farming was good for the environment. However through Jaimee’s blog I learned that organic farming is actually just as bad as normal farming. It made me realize to actually think about what i am buying and putting into my stomach.amazing post Jaimee!
Extremophiles are Cameron’s blogger of the week post and it was very unique. I learned a lot about other species especially extremophiles in Cameron’s post. His post taught me that even though we as humans like to think of our selves as being the top survivalists of the world we are actually not. There are species and organisms that are way far beyond the capabilities of humans and that baffles my mind. Great post Cameron!screenshot


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