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A quote can do many things for a person it can give them hope or it can give them the strength to carry on. How many times have you heard a quote or song lyrics that mean a lot to you? The creativity of a quote can change depending on the person reading it. You cannot create a quote of out of thin air it takes time to make no matter what you have gone through in your life. Poetry is a dynamic outlet of expression that can provide a reader with a vehicle through which to explore their inner feelings, emotions, and sense of self. Quotations from poetry help people through hard times, they show the creativity of a person while being hard to make and they have many different meanings.

Everyone goes through struggles in their life and everyone goes through hard times. Many people look to quotes to help them and quotes truly do help them. A quote can give a person the ability to continue to carry on make it through the hard times that they are going through. A quote may have given you the strength to carry on. The thing with quotes though is not that they are helpful but that they are also very creative.

Quotes take a lot of creativity to make they are not easy to make especially if you are not a creative person. Since they take a lot of creativity to make that creativity shows how creative the author is. A quote is not something that is just written down and everything is okay, a lot of time and thought has to put into it. Everything that’s put into a quote has meaning to the author, every word.  A quote may mean one thing to one person and another to a different person.

When a quote has a meaning the meaning is very biased towards the reader. It’s what makes it difficult to make. When a person is making a quote they think of it as it will have one meaning, that is wrong to do because then readers will only see that one meaning within the quote. A quote is suppose to have many meanings not one so when a quote is made so much thought is put into the words because the quote needs to mean a lot to many different people. Hence why the best quotes are fought over because so many people see so many different meanings within it.

A Good quote is hard to make, very hard to make. Quotes have a lot of meanings and are well worded, they don’t come from thin air. A person can through so many struggles and still be unable to make a quote. Quotes help people through hard times, while showing the vast creativity of a person being really hard to make and having a lot of meanings behind it. To make a quote it takes time and a lot of thought.

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