I procrastinate so much. I’ve been putting off so much work this whole year and now that its the end of the year I have so much work to get done. I know that I put this upon myself but I feel to stressed to get it done. I feel as if I have to much on my plate to eat. I have procrastinated on all my classes this year slowly getting everything done. However in my defense I do have a busy life even though the smallest things can take my attention away.

At the moment I have to do a drawing for my science and write 4 others posts like this one for my English class. I also have to edit my opinion post and draw an illustration for literacy circles tomorrow. It doesn’t help that I am constantly tired and sore from long boarding everywhere.

Oh as i’m typing this I just remembered that I have to comment back to bloggers of the week posts and comment on other peoples blogs. I say every week that I will do it on Saturday but I only end playing video games during the weekend, getting nothing done.

Why do you think I procrastinate so much?


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