Never back down

Just imagine having the world on your shoulders literally. You are the chosen one to save the world from certain doom and with each step you take your loosing time to save it. Now imagine having 2 worlds on your shoulders and with each breath you take your loosing time as they both are nearing certain doom. So you meet many friends along your journey and you grow a loving bond or in a sense a bond that only a mother and son would have with each of them. You don’t know how your going to save the two worlds but you are. Nearing the end of your journey each one of your friends sacrifice there lives one at a time just to make sure you live so you can save the world. One by one they go down falling to there doom, being crumbled, etc. Your best friend who has been there through everything since the beginning is the last one with you after everyone else dies and he or she gets trapped, with there last breath they this, “you are a kind and very strong person but if you let your kindness cloud your judgement you are merely weak.” Afterwards you see them die and your still the last hope for not only one but 2 worlds.

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