Romeo and Juliet Comparison

There are very big differences between the kill Shakespeare comic book and the twenty thirteen Romeo and Juliet movie with Leonardo DiCaprio as Romeo. Which says to me and many others that over time Romeo and Juliet has been altered and changed to one persons desired eye.

First of all in the comic book Romeo is in an orchard just like in the play however in the twenty thirteen movie the scene is set in a pool setting which is totally different from the play. Secondly in the comic book Romeo and Juliet stick to the lines from the play, and in the twenty thirteen movie they skip a ton of lines and sayings. In the twenty thirteen version they also add lines and sayings. As an example in II.II lines 90-105 by Juliet are totally skipped in the movie however they are exact in the comic book. That is just one of many examples.

Thirdly the scene is called the balcony scene for a reason because in that scene romeo and Juliet kiss on the balcony, however in the twenty thirteen movie they have the scene in a pool which has no relevance to the play whats so ever. In the play and comic book Romeo goes up to Juliet by climbing a tree however in the twenty thirteen movie Juliet comes down to him by using an elevator. Isn’t true that the play was made before elevators existed?

Lastly the comic book is funny and exact to the play while the twenty thirteen movie is way off. Yeah movies are cool and more fun to watch but for education purposes I would rather read a comic book that is exact then watch a movie that is way off.


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