Shakespeare Comparison

The 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet that we watched is way better than the 2013 version for learning in the classroom through a movie because, it is more accurate towards the play, rehearsed, and better in every way over the 2013 version.

How the actors talk in the 1968 version is line by line exact relating to the play however in the 2013 version the actors skip lines or say totally different lines, as in I.I, in the 2013 movie they are having this jousting game which has nothing to do with the play. In the 1968 version the actors do recite the lines exactly and act accordingly to the play.

Is the 1968 version.^^^^^.

Is the 2013 version.

Do you see the difference? the 1968 version relates to the play way more than the 2013 version making the 1968 version so much better for learning. Those are just the first clips of the movies, the 2013 version speaks more modern language which would relate nothing to learning about romeo and Juliet. The 1968 version speaks to the plays lines making it so much more better to learn about romeo and Juliet in a movie format.

The scenes in the 2013 are off in I.V where Romeo and Juliet kiss, they only recite a few lines of many, while at the same time they only kiss once, furthermore Juliet has a mask on.

During this scene in the 1968 version Romeo and Juliet both recite word for word from the play exactly. Lines 104-122 they recite.

However in the 2013 version Romeo only says lines 104,105,117. Even though there is little said about the characters and everything else, the lines they say prove enough evidence towards why a class should watch the 1968 version for learning more than the 2013 version.

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