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Capulet Enemy Caught Stealing Kiss
Capulet’s enemy Romeo kissed Juliet the Capulet’s daughter.
Ron St.Jean
On Tuesday, March 21, a masked man was allegedly seen kissing Juliet Capulet at the annual Capulet feast in Verona.
On Tuesday a hot-headed person named Tybalt as the first person to figure out who the masked figure was saying, “By his voice, [he] should be a Montague. Fetch[ed] me my rapier, boy. Now, by the stock and honour of my kin, To strike him dead i hold it not a sin.”I.v lines 61-67.
However Father Capulet did say, “Young Romeo he [was] What, Goodman boy? i sa[id] he shall. Go to. Am i the master here or you? Go to. You’ll not endure him!”afterwards saying, “God shall mend my soul.” I.V lines 87-89
The masked man was said to be Romeo. No one knows why Romeo was there or what business he had there however he was at the Capulet’s party and he was the alleged man to kiss Juliet.
Nobody knows if Romeo and Juliet did or didn’t kiss furthermore there was said to be other masked men at the party.Romeo didn’t say anything as he left the party supposedly.


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