True love is when two people love each other unconditionally, its when two people will do anything for one another not for being together but to show how much they care about one another. True love is when two people have true, real feelings for one another. Its when they both truly want to be, see, and care for each other. As in lines 10-13 from ‘the power of love’ by Huey Lewis and the News, those lines are, ‘ That you dont need money, dont take fame, dont need no credit card to ride this train, its strong and its sudden and its cruel sometimes.’ To me those lines sat that you dont need money or fame or materials to love one another. it also says to me that even though you may get in fights with each other and get angry at each other, at the end of the day you both still love each other throughout all the arguments and pain. In romeo and Juliet Act I, Romeo talks about his love for a girl. Romeo says,

Here’s much to do with hate, but more with love.
Feather of lead, bright smoke, cold fire, sick health,
A choking gall and a preserving sweet.
(I.I 180,185,201)

The way he words those lines it sounds to me like he will do anything, get rid of everything for her which shows how true his love for this woman is.

Love at first I do not believe in only because to me you cant look at someone and say i love you. Personally i say you need to get to know them before you can understand and love them. No where in either songs does it remotely or nearly say when i first saw you i knew that you were the one.Which shows to me that even the artists dont believe in love at first sight.In Act I, Romeo says

She hath, and in that sparing [makes] huge waste;
For beauty, starved with her severity
Cuts beauty off from all posterity.
She is too fair, too wise, wisely too fair.
(I.I. 226-229.)

With those words he says to me that he cares about giving her beauty longevity but she is wise and doesn’t want to her beauty to continue thus being fair. Romeo didn’t fall in love with ‘her’ at first sight, he fall in love with her beauty and the theory of trying to make her beauty last forever

I personally say that the power of love by Hugh Lewis and the news is better then the Celine Deon one only because with the Celine Deon one she is only talking about physical properties and doesn’t at all explain how love is mostly about the feelings, knowing that you should care for one another and not just what each other looks like. With Hugh Lewis his song explains that love comes from the heart not the body.

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