Good Never Comes

Good Never Comes

Raine didn’t know what to do, everywhere she looked appeared to be the same as the last. Friday after school Luna came up to Raine and asked her, “can you get us some shrooms for tonight?”

Raine responded with, “Yeah hopefully, as long as I get paid when I get home today.” She paused, “who will be there tonight?”

Luna answered with, “I think Jessie, Winnie, and Nemo are all coming tonight.”

Luna picked up Raine after school in her blue minivan with the small crack in the bottom corner of the window.  Raine put all of her stuff in the car. When she got in the car Luna questions her asking, “are we going swimming tonight in that one lake? You know the one in the forest?”

Raine exclaiming, ” Yes, yes and don’t worry I got shrooms for tonight as well.”

She smiled at Luna as she pressed on the gas and drove to the house. Everyone was already there when they entered and Raine scaled up a gram or two of shrooms for each person, handing them over to each of the recipients. Winnie took them shakily, “It’s my first time doing shrooms.” She paused, staring  at the mushrooms in her hand, “and Jessie doesn’t want any.”

Raine said, “Thats okay, as long as you think happy thoughts you will be okay.” She didn’t know for sure, seeing as this was the first time she herself was doing them too. She tried to sound confident, but deep down she was a little worried herself, “and Jessie, don’t worry, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

Raine put the small bag on the table in front of her, gazing at the mickey of alcohol and the copious quantities of different beers. This was a lot for five people, she thought, putting the remainder of shrooms on the table.

sides Jessie ate the shrooms, chewing them multiple times. Some complained of the taste, but after a few moments they all swallowed, except for Jesse who was happy with her beer. Nemo said, “everyone keep your trip to yourself!”

Raine and Luna respond in unison, “yeah, we know!”

Afterwards Luna suggests that the group head into the forest. Swimming on shrooms seemed like a fun idea, and everyone got up and walked towards the door. Raine stopped them, grabbing her backpack and putting some of the beer inside, “lets go!” She said, following the group outside. They started on their way towards the lake. On their way there the group went down some hills and Raine could swear that she was seeing something following the group. The dark figure seemed to lurk in the trees, hiding just out of view of the group. Raine brought this up a few times to the group, but just as a fleeting thing. It must be the shrooms, or at least that was what everyone said. However Raine did notice a particular glare in Jessie’s right eye.

The group finally managed to make their way to the Lake. Luna and Raine pulled their swimsuits on and notice that the moon was mesmerizing. Everything seemed brighter, shinier, more perfect. A perfect world, Raine thought. Perfect in everyway…except for that prickling in the back of her neck. Something was watching her, but it was just the shrooms, right? Raine suddenly saw something move in the water like a shadow. She exclaimed, “Good will never come if we go in that water, Luna!”

Luna responded with, “ It’s just the shrooms, Raine, stop being a baby.” She pointed towards the water, “see, nothing is there.”

The water was cold on Luna and Raine’s feet as they steped into the water. Raine thought, why am I doing this, no good will come from this.

On the way back the group started to climb up the same hills, while Winnie and Nemo talked about all the pretty colours they saw, but all Raine saw was darkness and despair. The shadow kept following her, watching her from the tree-line.

When the group got to the top of the hill they began to walk down the path, Raine saw the shadow following her and she began to freak out saying to herself goods never comes, goods never comes while Jessie looked at her with a look of surprise. Nemo and Winnie look at each other and whisper a few things suddenly running up to Raine and scaring her, Raine fell on her butt having Luna help her back up. Raine yells, “why would you do that?  Don’t you see we have to get home, something is following us!”

Luna yelled back, ” no there is isn’t, and can you lower your voice, someone will hear you.”

Raine started running, turning and running more only to find herself face to face with the shadow screaming as the shadow leaps backwards gnarling at her growling, “soon.” Only to find the group catching up to her a few moments later asking her if she is okay. Raine tried to explain everything, but the group kept on saying that it was just the shrooms.

The group was quiet until they got home and then Raine said as the grouped walked inside, “Finally we are home and I can go to sleep and get this over with! I’m done for the night this is too scary for me.” She locks every window and door in the whole house and tells everyone that is she is going to bed. No one says anything to her while she does this but everyone is thinking she is crazy and needs to take a nap except for Jessie she thinks Raine what a weird girl.

The group talk for a bit while Raine goes to sleep afterwards the group headed to bed. Raine wakes up in the morning to a knock on the bedroom door opening it only to find Jessie covered in blood and wide-eyed. Raine frantically asks, “What happened?” Jessie studdering as she points behind Raine, “Good never came.” Raine looks behind herself scared only to see the shadow leap at them, Jessie screaming, “I saw it the whole time I just didn’t want to say anything!”




hardship is a flying word it has meaning to a tropical bird or a nerd it just depends on how it concurredOccurred,  or its referred to. It just depends on your angle of view, an analytical or literary review, the difference can be from a stew to a baby shoe you may have a crew or your a lone soldier adieu. Either way it doesn’t matter where you come from we all succumb to one rule of thumb. Through hard ‘ship we learn in our memory chip not to strip or unzip but to equip our self’s with facts created by mental acts not myths constructed by brain riffs. When your in a struggle don’t stumble but walk straight that-way no one can hate but instead appreciate how you had to initiate through it all, you always stood tall you never let go of that ball. Through all of the hardship you had to endure you always made sure that your always being secure even though your impure but you realized that your life is constantly on tour.  *brief breath*  Everything goes through at least one struggle even a bumble’ bee as you see so don’t worry but be humble and think how did that doctor get his degree, he had to back stab and lie and blab but in the end he always put his best effort to try and pry open his dreams even though right now it seems impossible for you don’t give up and soon a break though will happen its not like one hand clappin‘ you got both in motion and wrapping making a sound clapping you just unbound yourself everything’s coming round now  you just gotta allow it to help you out of that deep deep pit you put yourself into now your coming through like you always knew you would and you always could to. Here is my video i will post a good version.

skip to 5:20 to hear the rap.

blogger of the week reflection

I commented twice to each of this blog post- , , I found them interesting in different ways. In my opinion I contributed a level 2 to the discussions in each of these blogs.

The importance for sleep blog by Emily I found really interesting because it made me think about how much sleep do i actually get. It also made me think about mental disorders and how they can affect sleeping patterns. The blog taught me that because of my ADHD medication I can have insomnia which is true i guess because sometimes i can’t get to sleep at all. The post helped me understand why sleeping is very important. Good job Emily!screenshot 2

Organic farming was a really neat blogger of the week topic and i found it very fascinating because I am a vegetarian and i do look at organic food compared to non organic food. It appealed to me because i always thought that organic farming was good for the environment. However through Jaimee’s blog I learned that organic farming is actually just as bad as normal farming. It made me realize to actually think about what i am buying and putting into my stomach.amazing post Jaimee!
Extremophiles are Cameron’s blogger of the week post and it was very unique. I learned a lot about other species especially extremophiles in Cameron’s post. His post taught me that even though we as humans like to think of our selves as being the top survivalists of the world we are actually not. There are species and organisms that are way far beyond the capabilities of humans and that baffles my mind. Great post Cameron!screenshot



This is a short dream I had and its very weird I really want to know what it means. I had it a while back but I never got writing it down.
Okay so it all starts with me in line at school with a bunch of my friends and we are all dressed up like we’re getting are pictures done, i’m at the back of the line. On my right there is a wall however on my left there are a few strange things like a wooden table with a camera and a person holding the camera on top of the table and my minny mouse headphones on the other side of the table. One of my friends goes up on top of the table and the camera man asks him if hes ready, he says yes and he gets his picture taken after putting on the headphones for no reason. The next person goes up and does the same thing they put on the headphones and get there picture taken.

2015. Web. 4 June 2015.[1] table

Finally its my turn and I walk up to the table but I don’t stand on top of it like all the others. The camera man tells me to get the headphones and I ask why but he doesn’t respond. I look to my right and all the people who got their picture taken are in picture frames on the wall all looking at me creepily. I turn back to the camera man and he says if i’m okay and if i’m ready, I say no and he grins saying your wrong. Afterwards the headphones appear magically on my head and that is when the dream ended.
What do you think this dream means?

[1]2015. Web. 4 June 2015.[1] table

Opinion Post Essay

A quote can do many things for a person it can give them hope or it can give them the strength to carry on. How many times have you heard a quote or song lyrics that mean a lot to you? The creativity of a quote can change depending on the person reading it. You cannot create a quote of out of thin air it takes time to make no matter what you have gone through in your life. Poetry is a dynamic outlet of expression that can provide a reader with a vehicle through which to explore their inner feelings, emotions, and sense of self. Quotations from poetry help people through hard times, they show the creativity of a person while being hard to make and they have many different meanings.

Everyone goes through struggles in their life and everyone goes through hard times. Many people look to quotes to help them and quotes truly do help them. A quote can give a person the ability to continue to carry on make it through the hard times that they are going through. A quote may have given you the strength to carry on. The thing with quotes though is not that they are helpful but that they are also very creative.

Quotes take a lot of creativity to make they are not easy to make especially if you are not a creative person. Since they take a lot of creativity to make that creativity shows how creative the author is. A quote is not something that is just written down and everything is okay, a lot of time and thought has to put into it. Everything that’s put into a quote has meaning to the author, every word.  A quote may mean one thing to one person and another to a different person.

When a quote has a meaning the meaning is very biased towards the reader. It’s what makes it difficult to make. When a person is making a quote they think of it as it will have one meaning, that is wrong to do because then readers will only see that one meaning within the quote. A quote is suppose to have many meanings not one so when a quote is made so much thought is put into the words because the quote needs to mean a lot to many different people. Hence why the best quotes are fought over because so many people see so many different meanings within it.

A Good quote is hard to make, very hard to make. Quotes have a lot of meanings and are well worded, they don’t come from thin air. A person can through so many struggles and still be unable to make a quote. Quotes help people through hard times, while showing the vast creativity of a person being really hard to make and having a lot of meanings behind it. To make a quote it takes time and a lot of thought.


I procrastinate so much. I’ve been putting off so much work this whole year and now that its the end of the year I have so much work to get done. I know that I put this upon myself but I feel to stressed to get it done. I feel as if I have to much on my plate to eat. I have procrastinated on all my classes this year slowly getting everything done. However in my defense I do have a busy life even though the smallest things can take my attention away.

At the moment I have to do a drawing for my science and write 4 others posts like this one for my English class. I also have to edit my opinion post and draw an illustration for literacy circles tomorrow. It doesn’t help that I am constantly tired and sore from long boarding everywhere.

Oh as i’m typing this I just remembered that I have to comment back to bloggers of the week posts and comment on other peoples blogs. I say every week that I will do it on Saturday but I only end playing video games during the weekend, getting nothing done.

Why do you think I procrastinate so much?


[1] ‘Why Do People Procrastinate? Your Self-Worth May Provide The Answer’. N.p., 2015. Web. 28 May:

Act II Romeo and Juliet song analysis

Throughout the song Love Story by Taylor Swift she talks about her love for Romeo as Juliet. Just as the play does in act II. Act II talks a lot about Romeos love for Juliet and vice versa. Act II.II Lines 135-147


The exchange of thy love’s faithful vow for mine.

I gave thee mine before thou didst request it:
And yet I would it were to give again.

Wouldst thou withdraw it? for what purpose, love?

But to be frank, and give it thee again.
And yet I wish but for the thing I have:
My bounty is as boundless as the sea,
My love as deep; the more I give to thee,
The more I have, for both are infinite.

These Lines say to me that Juliet is confessing her love to Romeo before he even wants it. Even though Romeo also confesses his love for her. Juliet is saying to romeo that she loves his as much as he does her. Just as in Lines 23-24 of Love Story where Taylor Swift says

And I said Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone
I’ll be waiting, all there’s left to do is run.

Those Lines tell me that Juliet (Taylor) will wait forever for Romeo showing that her love towards him is as great as his for her.

In the last three lines of act II Friar Laurence is taking Romeo and Juliet to the church to go get married. In Love Story line 40, “He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said.” Is saying to me that Romeo is going to marry Juliet which is exactly like the ending of act II in Romeo and Juliet.

Love story by Taylor Swift portrays act II very well.

Act III Song analyses Romeo and Juliet.

I say that Beat it by Michael Jackson is a great song for describing act III in Romeo and Juliet.Act III.I line 187


Immediately we do exile him hence.

In the First two lines of Beat It he says,

They told him, “Don’t you ever come around here.
Don’t wanna see your face. You better disappear.”

Which relates a lot to what the prince says to Romeo, how he is banishing Romeo from the city. In the song Beat It he says lines 6-7

Don’t wanna see no blood, don’t be a macho man
You wanna be tough, better do what you can.

While in Romeo and Juliet for the beginning of act III Mercutio bashes Benvolio about him being a man who always wants to act tough and be a man.

Another reference to how Beat It is like Act III of Romeo and Juliet is in lines 10-12.

No one wants to be defeated
Showin’ how funky strong is your fight
It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right

Theses lines also relate to how Mercutio relates Benvolio to being a man for fighting. It also relates to how when Romeo fights Tybalt because he is fighting for Mercutio being defeated. While at the same time it relates to how the prince doesn’t care who is right or wrong everybody will be punished.



Ha, banishment! be merciful, say “death”

This shows that Romeo likes to play with his life, also later in Scene III Romeo doesn’t leave the room when there is a knock at the door showing everybody that he is not scared to be caught or to die. In Beat it lines 21-22

You have to show them that you’re really not scared
You’re playin’ with your life, this ain’t no truth or dare

These Lines relate to Romeo at this moment because Romeo is playing with his life right now and he knows it just as in the lines this ain’t no truth or dare, because this isn’t a truth or dare he knows that he is banished and if he is found he can be killed. This Shows me once again that Romeo is not scared to meddle with his life.

This is why i think that Beat It By Michael Jackson is a great song in describing act III of Romeo and Juliet, because it shows that Romeo is not afraid to meddle with his life and it also describes why Romeo killed Tybalt and got banished.

Never back down

Just imagine having the world on your shoulders literally. You are the chosen one to save the world from certain doom and with each step you take your loosing time to save it. Now imagine having 2 worlds on your shoulders and with each breath you take your loosing time as they both are nearing certain doom. So you meet many friends along your journey and you grow a loving bond or in a sense a bond that only a mother and son would have with each of them. You don’t know how your going to save the two worlds but you are. Nearing the end of your journey each one of your friends sacrifice there lives one at a time just to make sure you live so you can save the world. One by one they go down falling to there doom, being crumbled, etc. Your best friend who has been there through everything since the beginning is the last one with you after everyone else dies and he or she gets trapped, with there last breath they this, “you are a kind and very strong person but if you let your kindness cloud your judgement you are merely weak.” Afterwards you see them die and your still the last hope for not only one but 2 worlds.